General Questions

Regardless of the amount of freight or its final destination, 3PL companies typically offer the services to handle it all. Common freight shipping options include truckload (TL), less than truckload (LTL), expedited LTL and intermodal.

Freight shipping rates are typically dependent on a variety of factors, including the type of freight being shipped, mode of transport, weight, distance and more. Here’s a quick snapshot of how these rates are determined based on the selected shipping option:

  • LTL: LTL rates are largely dependent on the freight class. Other fees are typically applied for additional services and actions like delivery appointments and liftgate services.
  • Truckload: For truckload rates, the common determination is an amount per-mile which may or may not be inclusive of the fuel surcharge. Further charges may be added for things like detention and driver assistance.
  • Flatbed: Flatbed rates are based on the type of equipment, mileage and total weight of the shipment. If there is oversized freight onboard, extra charges may apply and additional transit time could be necessary.

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