Safe cargo transport worldwide – With decades of experience in transport of General Cargo, AR Shipping provides logistic solutions tailored to clients’ individual needs.


Integrated IT systems
We develop IT systems customized to fit specific markets and serve as a tool for handling and monitoring every single step of the transport. Our clients book their transports online and have a full overview of the cargo – we take care of the rest.

Safe handling and swift distribution
Our ultramodern cross docking and delivery service is exceptional. Our distribution hub is close to the swift roads of UAE that offers fast and excellent goods handling mechanism.

Humanitarian aid transports
We provide a wide range of Aid and Relief Logistics services in affected areas. We could work together with NGOs, charity organisation, governments and all their suppliers for coordinating humanitarian aid transports and delivering aid kits, carpets, shelters and basic necessities to refugee camps and survivors in areas struck by natural disasters, famine etc.

Through our worldwide network, we can deliver cargo for those in need at even the most remote and difficult locations.

More about General Cargo
General Cargo is often the term used for shipments of durable goods that do not require special treatment, transportation conditions, handling arrangements and documentation. It is harmless cargo susceptible for storage and loading in general, non-specialized stowage areas whereas it moves on standard transportation equipment. It is usually packed in boxes, barrels, bales, crates, packages, bundles and pallets. It is shipped on regular itineraries as ocean freight in standard containers, airfreight under ambient conditions, and overland transport by standard road trailers or railway wagons.